The protocol you should know if you are invited to a wedding

It’s already summer! And with the good weather, the number of family meetings and events is increasing. Acts of maximum happiness in which we meet with friends and relatives.

News that fills us with happiness and honors us; being able to accompany our family and friends on such special days is exciting, although it often gives us a bit of a dizziness, since attending such ceremonial events makes us wonder.

Doubts about how we should dress for these acts or how we should behave to be up to the situation and not out of tune.

Without a doubt, weddings are the celebration of love and to be invited to share this intimate moment for the bride and groom is to be thanked. That is why you must know how to behave and be up to the demands of this type of celebration.

So, since it is time for weddings, we have decided to solve all those frequent questions that you ask yourself when you have to attend a day wedding.

Daytime weddings with natural sunlight are a marvel and a reason for happiness, we give you some rules of protocol so you can enjoy it in a big way and with total peace of mind.

Although with the passage of time the protocol has become more flexible, when we are invited to weddings, we usually give more importance to our personal tastes than what is established by tradition in the protocol, however not everything is allowed or well seen, we answer your questions so that you succeed in this type of social act.

How to choose a dress depending on the type of ceremony?

In daytime weddings you can find two options, civil weddings and church weddings.

In religious weddings you have to be demure, it’s badly seen that the guests have their shoulders uncovered, wide necklines, miniskirts or vertigo openings.

Although it is normally said that when entering a temple we should uncover our head as a sign of respect (if we wear a hat or cap), this rule changes when wearing a headdress; you should remember that you cannot remove it from the moment you leave the house, until you return after a day of celebration.

However, civil weddings are a bit more informal than religious weddings so you will have more alternatives when choosing your clothes. In civil weddings you have to be dressed up but not exaggerated or overloaded, and above all take into account the color chosen by the bride (in civil weddings it doesn’t have to be white) so as not to coincide, she is the protagonist.

What kind of dress should I choose if I’m invited to a daytime wedding?

When thinking about a dress for a daytime wedding we must always respect the rules of etiquette imposed by the bride and groom, in case the wedding is a boho, medieval, Ibiza type of themed wedding… remember that the choice of the bride and groom comes first.

Daytime weddings require a very specific protocol, which is why we recommend that you always wear short dresses, as only the bridesmaids, the witnesses, the sisters of the bride and groom and the bridesmaids (always simple and elegant long dresses) can wear short ones.

How do I choose what kind of short dress to wear?

Within the short dresses you must know how to differentiate between the short day dresses and the cocktail dresses, they usually have the same size and length, but one is more festive and the other a little simpler. Pay attention to this detail, since we usually get confused, short day dresses are not for a daytime wedding.

What colors to choose for the dress?

You can choose all the colors you have and have, always taking into account that white, broken, powdered, raw or chalk colors are reserved for the bride, so it is rude to choose these shades in your guest dress, unless the bride and groom themselves specify it in their wedding dress code.

Another colour that should not be worn to a wedding and less so in the morning is black, this colour is associated with mourning, so on a festive and celebratory day it is not the most appropriate.

You can choose pastel colours for your dress, such as pink, blue, mauve, coral… or bright colours such as mustard, fuchsia, turquoise, red… so fashionable nowadays.

What kind of accessories can I wear?

We give a big yes to pamelas and hats at weddings during the day, which are not appropriate for evening weddings. For the night we will resort to small jewel-like headdresses. Remember that big hats tend to favor tall women and small hats are ideal for smaller women, and you know the woman who leaves the house touched, comes home touched.

Another of the accessories that have become fashionable again in today’s weddings and that bring a lot of distinction are the gloves. The texture of these must be related to the type of dress, for example we will choose leather gloves when we wear a coat and soft or transparent fabrics when we wear a satin or silk dress.

A very cool detail is to wear a glove on the hand in which you carry your handbag. Also you should choose the height of the glove, for example if your chosen dress is French sleeve the height of the glove should be up to the elbow, if on the contrary you choose a short sleeve dress the gloves should be short too, while if you choose a sleeveless dress the gloves should be very high.