Do You Know What Type Of Roof You Have?

There is more than one method to build a roofing system. As building layout is restricted just by the creative imagination, roofing designs are restricted just by the regulations of physics and the materials offered.

Certainly, any comprehensive conversation of the various styles in modern building could most likely fill up a thesaurus; yet this post will certainly discuss some of the most usual roof covering layouts.

Undoubtedly, you’ll locate the style of roofing system on your home, unless it is something really special.


Perhaps the easiest style, the saddleback roof is believed to originate from the first roofings that were easy buildings of sticks or logs leaning at angles to create a triangular hut.

A gable attributes two sloping sides that meet in the centre of a structure, where both sides incline at an identical angle. It will appear as an in proportion triangular over the body of a building. These are the most common enter North America.

Cross Gabled

A cross gabled roof is somewhat much more complex than a gable, but only since it includes two gable areas that satisfy at an appropriate angle.

The ridges developed by each saddleback roof must be perpendicular per other; as well as equally as the slopes on a gable equal, the height, length, and also pitch of each gable in a cross gabled roof covering ought to also be identical.

Straightforward Hip

Straightforward hip roof as it is additionally known, is an additional common type. Similar to a gabled roof covering, the hip roofing system has 2 inclines at the same angles that meet in the centre of the structure.

The ends are not flat. Rather, a hip roofing system includes 4 sloped sides to ensure that all external wall surfaces coincide dimension. Simple hip roof coverings are useful to gable roofs as they supply better security in high wind or cyclone areas.

Pyramid Hip

As the name suggests, a pyramid hip roofing system is very comparable to a simple hip with the added feature of 4 equal triangular sides that fulfill at the centre.

Cross Hipped

A cross hipped roof complies with the style attributes of a cross gabled roof, however with the included design functions of a hipped. A cross hipped roof fits on a structure with all exterior wall surfaces at the exact same height.

It’s as if you took 2 structures with hipped roofs and also attached them perpendicularly. The section where both roofing systems meet is called a valley.


The Mansard design originated in 15th century France and is called after the engineer, Francois Mansart, who popularized the roofing.

Each side of the Mansard roofing features two definitely various slopes; the lower area of the roofing system is nearly level and has simply a small slope, while the top section is steeper.

This kind of roof was also prominent during the Victorian duration of design as well as is frequently seen throughout Europe. Find out more information roofing companies and know what are the potential advantage of a roofing contractor by clicking the link.


A saltbox is basically an asymmetrical gable roof. The roof includes 2 inclines that meet at some time over the roof, however the angle as well as elevation of the inclines need not coincide.


A gambrel roof is what you anticipate to discover on a traditional barn. With 2 symmetrical sides, in addition to two distinctive slopes on each side of the roof covering, this is something of a cross in between a gable and Mansard roofing.

The bottom incline has the steepest pitch, as well as also be almost vertical, while the leading slope is a lot more gradual. Unlike a Mansard roofing, the gambrel features this design on just 2 sides of the roof covering, as you would anticipate on a gable.


Level roofing systems are coming to be increasingly popular with modern architectural layout. Featuring just a small incline to enhance water drain, flats need much less product so are a lot more affordable to build. Flat roof generally require even more regular maintenance.

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