Consumers by Electric Utilities

Have you ever wondered just how much your electric costs are most likely to run your air compressor? Read on and we’ll reveal to you how to discover.

Prior to we see how much power expenses, allow see exactly how it’s measured. When you buy gas they charge you by the gallon. When you acquire electrical power they bill you by the kilowatt-hour (KWH). When you make use of 1000 watts for 1 hour – that device of energy is called a kilowatt-hour. The kilowatt per hr is most generally called a payment device for power supplied to consumers by electric utilities.

As soon as you understand just how much it is costing you in electrical power … then you can investigate options to help REDUCE those costs as well as conserve money … and you’ll have the ability to measure your savings.

7 Steps to figure the electric power expense of running your air compressor:

Take these initial 3 actions to figure out your Electrical Price per Kilowatt Hour (KWH) we shall make use of some typical examples to assist you to see just how this works).

1. Find your electric energy bill for the facility where your air compressor runs as well as locate your complete amount due on your energy costs.

2. From your utility expense, locate the total kilowatts made use of.

3. Use this FORMULA: Complete Amount Due ÷ Total Amount KWH Utilized = KWH Price.


Overall Dollar Amount Due Ex-spouse: $300.00.

Overall KWH Made Use Of Ex-Lover: 2500.

Amount Due Divided By Complete KWH Made Use Of.

$ 300.00 Due ÷ 2500 KWH Made use of = 0.12 Per KWH.

Results: Your Expense Per Kilowatt Hr is $0.12 Cents.

( you will certainly use your expense per KWH in the following formula).

In the following 4 Steps – allow’s figure out the ELECTRICAL POWER price of running your Air Compressor.

( we shall make use of some average instances to assist you to see how this functions).

4. Establish your Complete HORSE POWER (COMPLETE HP) utilizing this formula:

Motor Data Plate HP (EX-SPOUSE: 25HP) X 110% = (27.5 HP).

KEEP IN MIND: A lot of air compressors @ Max PSI utilize 110% of the ranked horsepower.

5. Number your YEARLY HOURS of procedure:

# Hrs running per day X # days weekly X # weeks each year operating = The complete time the equipment runs in a year.

( Example: 10 Hours Each Day X 5 Days per Week X 52 Wks = 2600 HRS).

6. Find your Electric Motor EFFECTIVENESS (EFF):

MOTOR EFFICIENCY can be found on the electric motor data plate as a percent. (Instance=.90 %).

It is the proportion of input power minus the outcome power.

7. Utilize this FORMULA:

Complete HP x. 746 * x annual hrs compressor runs x KWH cost ÷ electric motor performance = Your Annual Electrical Expense to.

Operate Your Air Compressor.

Using our instances given … you can see just how to figure out your yearly electric prices:

27.5 hp x. 746 * x 2600 hrs x $.12 ÷.90 = $7111.87 annually to run your air compressor.


* KEEP IN MIND: Where does the “.746” come from?

746 watts per hr of electrical power is needed to transform to 1 Horsepower of power.

KWH= your cost per 1000 watts of electrical power per hour. KILOWATTS per HP =.746 watts.

More than likely – your air compressor’s electrical costs will certainly be a whole lot more than you may believe. Yet there are methods to dramatically reduce those costs and also conserve cash. In today’s economy – it deserves to look into energy-saving choices. Check out Ravish Magazine to learn more about just how to save on your air compressor’s electrical energy prices.