Trends in bridal wear for summer weddings

Even the most traditional beach weddings tend to be less formal than those held in a banquet hall.

Wedding season can be a challenge for men. Whether it’s the groom or a guest, the wide spectrum of formality and dress codes can be complicated. At the same time, more and more “millennials” are opting for weddings in exotic destinations and men are faced with a tough choice.

Even the most traditional beach weddings tend to be less formal than those held in a banquet hall. For coastal weddings, opt for a tuxedo that is suitable for summer and not so stifling.

Take inspiration from the culture of the wedding location. Aloha and barong shirts are great for dressing up for the big day in an unexpected and interesting style.

Natural textiles in trend, such as linen in neutral tones, are ideal for tropical weddings.

An all-season suit or tuxedo can look more casual and suitable for summer thanks to the use of unexpected accessories, shirts and shoes.

Tailoring in sirsaca is a conservative twist on summer style that plays with trends.

Inspiration and colour

Why? The rules of formal dress have been left behind and today’s generation chooses experiences over tradition, so weddings in tropical destinations are more popular than ever.

How? Although a classic tuxedo with some less formal touches can work depending on the dress code, the style is relaxed and lightweight. The look is defined by wrinkled linens and other casual fabrics in a variety of silhouettes.

Elegant resort shirt

The unwavering popularity of the resort shirt -which grew 17 percent year-on-year in the UK and 38 percent in the U.S. in the new P/V 19- makes this style perfect to incorporate into beach wedding looks.

The origin of the shirt is the Hawaiian version of semi-formal and business attire, so it seems appropriate for the context of an exotic wedding. It reflects a casual style when worn alone, but is more elegant with a festive touch when worn under a casual suit or blazer.

Mao collar shirt

Mao collar shirts are perfect for a casual touch to a complete look. A white starched cotton design looks semi-formal when combined with a structured jacket, while a softer linen or cotton version seems more suitable for a beach wedding.

Both subtle stripes and textured fabrics work, while colorful motifs bring joy.


The barong shirt, traditionally worn at formal Philippine events, is ideal for mixing a formal and informal style. The embroidered figures that extend across the front enhance the elegant feel and help make it a garment that differs from everyday shirts.

Fabrics vary, although silks or silk-type textiles work best. While the mao collar is traditional, a western or lapel collar is a good, more accessible alternative.

Natural linen suit

Not all weddings on the beach are informal and not all costumes are formal. Both linen jackets (+22 percent) and linen pants (+17 percent year-on-year) are growing in the United States within the P/V 19 novelties, so a linen suit in neutral tones will achieve the perfect balance.

Linen wrinkles naturally and therefore does not feel heavy, even when combined with a starched dress shirt and tie.

For an informal approach, especially if the wedding takes place in the sand, combine with sandals and a matching shirt.

Sirsaca suit

If linen is too informal, opt for one of the basic summer tailoring fabrics: the sirsaca. Stiffer cotton is not as suitable for the beach but is more “preppy”, in the style of #new youth, although it is still light and breathable.

The classic blue and white stripes enhance the preppy style, especially when combined with moccasins and a striped tie. For P/V 20, several neutral options appear that add a touch of modernity to this otherwise timeless style.

Summer tuxedo

Just because the wedding takes place in a tropical destination does not mean that a formal dress code is not chosen. Even the black tuxedo in tropical wool or silk blends can be suitable for the beach when combined with moccasins or espadrilles.

If black is too formal, opt for a white or cream style in summer linen. You can then display a variety of matching options in the shop, from a white shirt and tie to a T-shirt.