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Running a wedding is not easy. Most couples are faced with planning a complex event that involves many expenses that are not always easy to control. With the Adic Wedding we want to offer you a tool to make calculating your wedding budget simple while not leaving out any details.

Why do we need a budget for our wedding?

Most couples who start planning their wedding first think of their ideal wedding, the next step is to see how much money they have available. Unfortunately these two concepts almost never coincide.

You really won’t know how much your wedding will cost until you get into the planning and start asking for quotes for the services or products that are of interest to you. To give you some examples; maybe a place setting in a restaurant is worth a price and when asking for a budget we realize that our idea was very “optimistic”.

It may also be that once we have made the decision, our parents will not be happy if we don’t put another dish on the table. Or we simply find ourselves surprised that the arrangements of a wedding dress and some complements raise and increase its price.

Wedding expenses

These are some examples, which are only meant to show you that if we don’t control the expenses from the first moment the account will rise considerably. Unfortunately, it may be too late by the time we realize it.

It is not enough to put a ceiling on spending, if you do not manage to plan through a budget what the costs are and how important each thing is for you, you will see how the stipulated expenditure does not stop growing.

Before making a budget you need to know how much money you have

It is essential that you know how much money you have or how much you are willing to spend. The budget for a wedding can go up to infinity, there is really no ceiling.

Weddings are usually financed in the vast majority of cases by the spouses and their parents, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. If you expect to have a help from the family, it would be convenient to know how much money they can put at your disposal so as not to bring you surprises or force them to face an expense that is beyond their means.

Another mistake I’ve seen made is to count on the amount of the gifts to subsidize part of the wedding, a big mistake since with some guests we can get surprises, both positive and negative. It wouldn’t be the first time that some bride and groom can’t afford some expenses they thought they could easily cover thanks to the guests’ gifts.

Knowing your priorities

Before we get into the subject of all the expenses involved in a wedding, it is necessary to warn you that they are many and with a very large range of prices. You need to know what is really important to you and what becomes secondary.

If the venue is your top priority, be aware that you may need to cut back on other aspects.

I will try to group all the expenses that we can find when planning a wedding, to try not to miss any concept and thus set your priorities.